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Champa Bay Elimination Dinner Information

Reaching out to potential sponsors and Donors

Master Contact List

The Master Contact List contains the status of the outreach.

If you'd like to add your name to one of the unassigned spots, let Nita know. If you reach out to someone not on this list, let Nita know. We'd love for our list of contacts to grow! You can reach Nita at

If you are looking for the status about someone you reached out to, you can find it in this file. Note: you will need Microsoft Excel to view this file. 


Susan will also email this information out weekly but we hope to have the most current version of these files here. If you have questions, contact Nita at

Documents for Distribution

Find below the documents that you can hand out to businesses, community members, friends or family. Click a link to view or download the document.

  1. Fact Sheet on Human Trafficking

  2. Flyer for the Elimination Dinner

  3. Generic letter

  4. Sponsor/Ad contract

  5. Ad sizes

Note:  You can use the generic letter as is for either individuals or businesses. People can either mail in the contract or email it to You will need to provide the ad sizes document to people who buy ads.

Informational Documents

Read the following documents for background information that will help you answer questions. These are not for distribution. Click a link to view or download the document.

  1. CCWC and the HT Initiative

  2. Elimination Dinner Overview

Letter to personalize

This is similar to the generic letter, but you can download and personalize it. Download the .doc file if you have Microsoft Word. If you don't, then download and print the PDF file and you can hand write the date, the name after Dear, and the business name in the underlined blank space. 

  1. Sample Sponsor Letter (Microsoft Word)

  2. Sample Sponsor Letter (PDF)

Forms that Businesses May Request

Some businesses may request the following documents. Please contact Nita at if you need these.

  1. 501(c)3 approval

  2. W9 form

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