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On May 13, 1971, united by a belief in volunteerism, 61 women from the former Clearwater Junior Woman’s Club formed the Clearwater Community Woman’s Club (CCWC). We became a federated club on September 21, 1971. We adopted the Daisy as our club flower, as member Shirley Tobias said “Daisies don’t tell!” For many years, club meetings were held in members’ homes.

Our first community project was Parental Awareness Responsibility, at a drug rehabilitation hospital. We held our first fundraiser, a champagne brunch, on February 29, 1972, and presented our first Daisy Award to the Pinellas Youth Symphony.

While we adopted several local organizations early on, such as the Clearwater Library Foundation, Religious Community Services (RCS), and Meals on Wheels, our support hasn’t been limited to these organizations. Over the years we’ve given grants to organizations that help handicapped children, unwed mothers, the blind, canine companions, and many others.

We volunteer in areas ranging from literacy and conservation to public issues and the arts. Our members have worked at the Clearwater Free Clinic, raised awareness about breast self-exams, supported abused women, and fought for preservation of local historic buildings. Our Christmas Money Tree has raised funds for local Food Banks for over 25 years. Our desire is to be a positive influence in our community, and each year, we provide over 5000+ volunteer hours and $10,000+ in donations to non-profits.

Some Signature Achievements


In 1975, club member Merle T. Dennard presented the concept of breast exams to Clearwater Community Woman’s Club (CCWC) members.

The club purchased four educational kits, know as BETSI (Breast Examination Through Self Instruction).  Members used these kits to instruct other interested women’s group, and they also presented programs to middle and high school students.

In 1980, in continuing support of breast cancer awareness and treatment, CCWC pledged $10,000 to the Lykes Cancer Center at Morton Plant Hospital.  A plaque on the door of a room at the center states that Clearwater Community Woman’s Club is a donor.

RCS (now called Hope Villages of America)

32 religious organizations pooled their resources to create the Religious Community Services (RCS), and CCWC was there to support them almost from the beginning.  RCS first opened the Clearwater Food Bank and club members volunteered there and donated money and food.


Next, RCS Grace House was started to help the homeless.  CCWC members manned phone, collected donations and helped wherever there was a need. 


Finally, the Clearwater Spouse Abuse Shelter (later named The Haven) was started in a small house in a secret location, and it became a service project for CCWC in 1980.  Initially, Catholic sisters lived with the women to keep them safe.  CCWC members donated food, clothing, and money to the women.  Every Christmas, they bought and wrapped gifts for the children to give their moms.  CCWC continues to support RCS to this day.

Clearwater Libraries

Clearwater Community Woman’s Club (CCWC) has had a special relationship with the Clearwater Public Library System.  For many years, CCWC held either an Evening with the Authors or and Afternoon with the Authors, with the sole purpose of raising money for the Clearwater Library Foundation.  Each year, the club helped to fund one item on the library’s wish list; among the items, are a microfiche scanner and furniture for the children’s area.  In 1999, the Florida Library Association awarded CCWC its Library Service Enhancement Award.

In 2003, CCWC pledged $25,000 for the Clearwater Library Foundation’s Capital Campaign. Several club members volunteer at the Clearwater Libraries and are members of Friends of the Library.

Meals on Wheels

One of the earliest projects that CCWC adopted was Meals on Wheels America, whose mission is to improve the health and quality of life for senior citizens.  In the early years, almost half of CCWC members participated in the program, and club members delivered meals to seniors three days a week. 


Some CCWC club members have delivered meals for over 40 years.  In addition to time, CCWC has also donated monies to the program.

Over the Years...


Hostessing for the preview of the opening of Burdines at the Clearwater Mall


Raising money for cancer research


RARIN' TO GO at CCWC's annual Road Rally


Distributing flyers for the Afternoon with the Authors fundraiser


Modeling at the Daisy Fashion Show to raise funds for Daisy Grants


Celebrating the centennial of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which was the culmination of many years of struggle by the women's suffrage movement in the US

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